James Mackenzie

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Publishing VR Panoramas to YouTube

YouTube has built-in support for 360° videos, allowing you to tilt and pan around a scene, creating the fully immersive experience of “really being there” ...

Sep 8, 2019

Atari, Atari ST, Retrogaming, Retrocomputing, Videogames

Games With MIDI. The Atari ST Never Sounded So Good!

We all love to hate the Atari ST’s integated Yamaha YM2149F sound chip. It’s 3 bloopy voices gave a decidedly 8-bit feel that suffered in comparison to the 16-bit competition ...

Jun 19, 2019

How To, Videogames, Raspberry Pi, Retrogaming, Streaming

RetroPie Ultimate Setup Guide

With RetroPie, your Raspberry Pi can become the ultimate retro-gaming machine. Mega Drive, SNES, even PlayStation all run great and with a little extra work you can stream more taxing games from your home PC ...

Oct 8, 2018

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Apple TV Now Syncs TV Refresh Rate to Content

I’m a die-hard Apple TV fan, using a 4th-gen device for regular big-screen Netflix, YouTube or Plex binges. However during a recent viewing, something struck me as not-quite-right. YouTube’s wonderful 1080p60 content didn’t look quite so buttery smooth as on a phone or iPad. ...

Aug 20, 2018